Know What You're Getting

What does a Mini Schnauzer look like?

The AKC Breed Standard provides
these guidelines:
Height = 12 to 14 inches;
Weight = 16 to 20 pounds AKC Colors = Salt & Pepper (gray); Black & Silver; Black
(and in some other countries, White)
Please note that while you may see "Toy" and "Teacup" Mini Schnauzers advertised, these are not breed standard and usually are promoted only by profit-seeking individuals.
Likewise, colors other than those in the breed standard may also be advertised as "rare" and may be sold for extraordinary amounts of money for individual profit. So-called liver color, parti-color, spotted, etc. are "fads" invented by unscrupulous people to gain your hard-earned money.
The beautiful black & silver dog above is CH JoDi's Mega Bucks owned by Jeri Muntis. Photo by DogShots, Ltd.

Looking for a (Reputable) Breeder?

Finding a reputable breeder takes a little effort! Impressive (sometimes religion-oriented) websites, breeders who ship puppies on certain days of the week every week, breeders who accept credit cards and make online sales - ALL of these are potential warning signs of big money-making puppy millers. Before you buy, please read our list of questions (on the next page) to ask a breeder, and then find a breeder in your area who belongs to a Mini Schnauzer club. Our discussion of types of breeders continues. . . Read More...

What does "REGISTERED" mean?

There are a number of dog & cat registries in the United States that keep records of pure-bred animals. When you register your dog with one of them, you receive a piece of paper containing certain information about your puppy - names of sire & dam, birth date, breeder's name, etc. AKC registration is just that - a piece of paper. It is not a guarantee,and it is not necessarily a confirmation that your dog is correctly bred or won't have health issues in the future.

What AKC registration tells you:

a) your dog has a pedigree
b) his parentage can be "tracked" through the AKC registry

What AKC registration is NOT:

a) a guarantee of well-bred dogs
b) a guarantee of a healthy dog
c) a guarantee of a reputable/ethical breeder
d) a warranty or "back-up" for dealing with a disreputable breeder

Need More Help Finding a Reputable Breeder?
What Should a Breeder Send Home with You & Your New Puppy?
What Should a Contract Cover?
What if a Puppy becomes Sick Soon After I Buy It?
What about Puppy Shots?
Who Can I Ask about a Breeder's Reputation?

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