2010 Production is Underway!

2010 is our 6th yearbook production! You are invited to honor or announce the accomplishments of your Mini during 2010. We also will accept pages in tribute or in honor of those special dogs or special people who helped you make 2010 a success! There are certain pages offered without charge to those who won top honors at selected shows. We have a number of special offers for those who wish to pay early and get a better deal! All in all, a page in the MS yearbook buys PR for you and your dogs that will be seen the world over and last a lifetime! Our plans include sending copies of all six yearbooks to the AKC Library once this edition is complete. Click here for reservations and ordering info.

The 2009 yearbook is still available from Blurb!

The 2009 Worldwide Miniature Schnauzer Yearbook honors the accomplishments of the breed all around the world in conformation, agility, and obedience. Dogs from the following countries have been honored by their owners in this book: United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic. Additionally, special pages honoring U.S. breeder Beverly Pfaff of Jebema and a memorial for Joe Williams - plus show results from major show events in the U.S.A., England (Crufts), Ireland (European WinnerShow), Finland (Nordic WinnerShow), and Slovakia (World Show) make this book a priceless treasure for all Mini lovers. Click here to see preview & order!


The inaugural yearbook published by Simply Schnauzers featured the three MS of the Year according to AKC statistics. #1 in Conformation was CH Chattelane's Roubi Slippers; #1 Agility MS was MACH3 (at that time) Gala First Class Event; and the #1 Obedience MS was Double A's Savannah at Night. The book was dedicated to beloved K9 artist, the late Lori Bush, who was a strong supporter of both our magazine and my concept of a yearbook. Wire-bound book; 114 pages.


Our 2nd yearbook honored Bev Verna of Regency MS who was named AKC's Terrier Breeder of the Year. Her dog show career is described and photos of her well-known dogs are included. CH Regency's Black n' Bling Bling was also the #1 conformation dog in the U.S. "Kimie" was #1 in agility, and in obedience - Sheldon's Little Shadow UDX2, RA topped the list. The very first two Versatility-titled dogs were also featured. Wire-bound book; 158 pages.


As one of our largest international efforts, the 2007 book took on a worldly flavor with lots of help from
friends in Australia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Russia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the U.S. Beautiful "Animates" artwork by Shannon Darch added so much to this book! Dedicated to breed historian Dan Kiedrowski. Spiral wire binding; 174 pages.


We were extremely pleased with our first book published outside our office in Sky Valley, CA. The 2008 book was formatted online by us and published (both printed and bound) by the Blurb company. Orders and shipping were also handled by Blurb. The theme was "Imagine the Possibilites" and featured special artwork by Dayle McKinney on the perfect cover! Hard & soft cover binding choices; 134 pages.
This book is still available! CLICK HERE to order.

Material for the Yearbooks

You may wonder how we gather the information that goes in the book. For the historical pages we rely on present and former clients who enjoy the idea of documenting each year's story on the accomplishments of Mini Schnauzers around the world. Four very generous friends have been my contacts in nearly all of the yearbooks helping to gather photos and statistics from their countries and in some cases writing long summaries of the year's events.

In Australia, David Ritzau, founding member and current President of the MS Club of New South Wales, does a great job of promoting top dogs and club events in his area. Recent imports have greatly strengthened the existing MS and the next few years should present exciting reports from our friends down under.
In Europe, my very creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated contributing friend is Yvonne v Rijkhuizen Pikaar. Yvonne raises and shows MS and thusly travels to many of the larger FCI shows with her dogs and other friends. She began keeping "Schnauzer Toppers" statistics for her own country (Holland) MS and the same rankings are underway for Belgium MS as well. Yvonne has been valuable in getting us photos of the top dogs from Amsterdam Winnershow and other important events.
Reinette van Reenen shows MS in South Africa and has diligently provided extensive coverage of MS there in all four yearbooks. Once again, imports are positively impacting the breed and it will be exciting to see what dogs top the list in years to come.



Upcoming: 2010 Book


If you have actively shown a conformation dog or have a dog in any performance activity in any country, we encourage you to represent your country in this year's book.
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