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Reproductive Health

Breeding is not a science experiment. It is a serious, expensive undertaking with life-long consequences for all the canine lives involved.

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Anatomy & Function of the K9 Reproductive System
Reproductive Problems
False Pregnancy
Canine Spay Procedure
Neutering the Male Dog
Pros & Cons of Spay or Neuter
Canine Reproduction
Before Breeding: Questions to Ask Yourself
Reducing Breed Defects
FAQ's On Reproduction
Things to Consider Before Breeding Your Schnauzer (AMSC)
Reproductive Problems in Dogs
Dystocia (Difficult Birth)
Weaning Puppies
Raising Orphaned Puppies
Eclampsia (Milk Fever)
Transcript: Canine Reproduction with Dr. Robert van Hutchinson
The Physiology of Canine Reproduction
Making a Choice on Breeding Your Dog
Duration of Gestation (Pregnancy)
Breeding, Whelping, & Rearing Puppies
C-Section Surgery
The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know about the Immune System
Canine Pregnancy Test
Canine False Pregnancy
Canine Pregnancy Calendar
Fading Puppy Syndrome
Treating a Sick Newborn
Umbilical Hernias
Diseases of the Reproductive System
Brucellosis & Abortion
CPR for Neonates
Reproductive Physiology & Artificial Insemination
Methods of AI and their Usage (AKC)
Canine Pregnancy Failure
Reabsorption of Puppies
Thyroid Dysfunction & Breeding
Whelping Supplies
Whelping Management
Pyometra (Infected Uterus)
The Neutering Surgery for Males
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